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Mr. Singu Rambabu, the founder of Cyrus mattress has more than 20 years of retail and manufacturing experience. With his knowledge and expertise in the mattress industry, Cyrus mattress has acquired the capability to manufacture a wide range of mattresses with the highest quality standards. Every individual has his own BODY MASS INDEX[BMI] and SUPPORT FACTOR INDEX[SFI]. Depending on that mattress will be prepared. This ensures customer satisfaction.

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Mattress We Provide

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Soft Mattress

Those with a lower BMI may advantage from a soft mattress. A lower body weight places less pressure on the surface of the mattress and the softness will captivate the weight from common pressure points such as the hips and shoulders.

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Semi Ortho Mattress

A semi-ortho mattress is designed to provide an improved level of support for the overall muscular-skeletal body, especially the back and joints when compared with the standard mattress. It is best suited for people above normal BMI.

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Ortho Mattress

Back Rest Ortho Mattress is for people suffering from severe back problems. Bonded foam's capability to release pressure from specific areas of your body, such as your neck, back, and shoulders help to improve any pain, discomfort, or soreness you might be undergoing.

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Bouncy Mattress

Spring mattresses offer support by pushing back against your body with the same intensity of pressure and can be particularly helpful for people with high BMI. A spring mattress is a widespread option for back sleepers due to its capability to support spinal curves.

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